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Roles: Producer/Director/Editor

How a Hashtag Defined a Movement
My conversation with the founders of #BlackLivesMatter.
Release Date: Sept. 26, 2016
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New York Times Op-Doc: The Black Vote for Gay Marriage
Exploring the influence of African-Americans on the 2012 ballot initiative in Maryland. (EDITOR)

BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez (Tease for work-in-progress)
The life and art of the poet-activist and national icon. (PRODUCER, EDITOR)

Mrs. Goundo's Daughter (Sundance Film Festival Trailer)
The gripping story of an undocumented Malian woman, living in Philidelphia, fighting for asylum to protect her baby daughter from ritual genital cutting. (PRODUCER, EDITOR) The Aesthetic of Funk with Xenobia Bailey
Portrait of the renown fiber artist. (DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, EDITOR)

The Haiti Project web series: Timoun Rezistans
Alex Louis, a member of Haiti's Youth Resistance Artist Collective, explores the loss they suffered on January 12th, and their uncertain future. (EDITOR, WRITER)

The Haiti Project web series: (Re)birth of a Nation
Vodou Priest Max Beauvoir discusses Haiti's rich, but often misunderstood, religious heritage, and its connection to the identity of the nation. (EDITOR, WRITER)

Sèvis Lwa
Get a rare glimpse into a Haitian Vodou Ceremony. Experience the rhythmic drumming, singing and joyous dancing that concludes the worship and prayers.

Oak Creek Documentary Project (sample for work-in-progress)
On August 5, 2012, a gunman walked into a Sikh house of worship in Oak Creek, Wisconsin and opened fire, killing six people. This film follows the remarkable journeys of survivors from a small town determined to find meaning in the face of mass violence. . (PRODUCER/EDITOR)

180 Days: the NYC Teaching Fellows Program (work-in-progress)
The story of three career changers teaching in NYC public school for the first time. (DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, EDITOR)

Roles: Producer/Editor


IL Promo: Writ Writer

IL Promo: Race to Execution

IL Promo: Beyond Beats & Rhymes

Nonprofit & Advocacy Videos
Roles: Producer/Director/Editor

Community for All Ages
A national initiative that helps communities address critical issues from a multi-generational perspective. (EDITOR)

Vanity for Humanity
Plastic Surgeons volunteer in Haiti after the Jan 12th earthquake. (EDITOR, WRITER)

Youth Action Movement (Mali)
From the video series for the Mali-based NGO that educates and advocates for reproductive health care and safety. (DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, EDITOR)

Center for Constitutional Rights 100 Days Campaign
CCR invites the public to tell President Obama what they think he should do in the first 100 days of his administration. (EDITOR)


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